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  The 17th China Xinjiang International Agriculture Fair (CXIAF) will be held in Xinjiang International Exhibition Center on August 8-10, 2017.It is hosted by Xinjiang Zhenwei Exhibition Co., LTD(Stock Code:834316). The exhibition area involves high-tech agriculture equipment,Aviation plant high-tech protection,crop planting services,agriculture transformation technology,water-saving irrigation,horticultural materials which also including Internet Of Things on agriculture,new fertilizers,seeds,pesticides.It attend to achieve an exhibition floor space of 60000sqm to the exhibition scene.

   CXIAF has been committed to introduce more high-tech products and facilities for farmers in Xinjiang.On this account to promote national high-tech applied agriculture, improve the overall level of agricultural modernization and agricultural productivity .Furthermore,It has become an important trading between manufacturing enterprises and buyers which constantly plays a positive role in the circulation system of agriculture and trade cooperation.

  During the period of CXIAF 2017,the Committee will host National Sponsored “One Belt and One Road” Integration Of Water and Fertilizer Agricultural Summit Forum. Furthermore,the local government has implemented the policy of sending residency working group to the south area.Via the media of CXIAF 2017 as a platform,the Committee has organized cooperation issues between suppliers and large scale growers in order to improve agricultural productivity,increase rural efficiency and then to increase the farmers’ income.


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